Wind Lidar

Abacus Laser provides lidar modules for remote wind measuring that contain the complete optical system including laser, telescope and detection.

Abacus Laser provides lidar modules for wind measuring. These modules contain the complete optical system, including a narrow band reference laser, a pulsed single frequency laser, the telescope and detection by optical superposition (heterodyne or coherent detection).

Our LiTra S module is based on optical fibre technology from telecommunications and is therefore particularly robust, allowing wind measurements with a typical range of 2 to 4 kilometres. In favourable conditions, clouds and their speed can be detected up to 20 km away. For ranges up to 6 km a version with a larger telescope diameter is available.

The corresponding data sheet for the LiTra S can be found here.

Here you can find sample measurements of our lidar.

We are also planning a lidar module based on 2.1 ┬Ám solid-state laser technology for wind measurements with ranges from 30 to 50 km (horizontal) or over 10 km vertical. If you are interested, please contact us and we will inform you about the current development status.