LiTra L

Abacus Laser provides lidar modules for remote wind measuring.

LiTra L

The newest member of our product family, the LiTra L. It is still in development and the presumable launch is in mid 2024. Contact us for further information or quotations.

In the LiTra L we combined our LiTra-Technology with an additional amplifier to obtain even higher measurement ranges. Our modules contain the complete optical system, i.e. a narrowband reference laser, a pulsed single-frequency laser, the telescope and detection by optical superposition (heterodyne or coherent detection). With this approach preliminary wind measurements of up to 20 km range were obtained.


Advantages of the LiTra L

  • Long range: 25 km
  • Flexible adjustable parameters
  • Transparent data processing
  • Full access to measured spectra
  • Low-noise data


Data sheet

The corresponding data sheet for the LiTra L can be found here.


Example measurements

Preliminary horizontal wind measurement obtained with the LiTra L (640 ns, 5 kHz, 2 s averaging time, 1 °elevation).