LiTra S/S+

Abacus Laser provides lidar modules for remote wind measuring. Ranges of 7 to 14 kilometers distance are made possible.

Abacus Laser offers lidar modules for wind measurement. These convince not only by their compactness, but above all by the possibility of integrating the modules into one’s own systems.


LiTra S/S+

Our LiTra S and S+ modules are based on optical fibre technology from telecommunications and are therefore particularly robust. Our modules contain the complete optical system, i.e. a narrowband reference laser, a pulsed single-frequency laser, the telescope and detection by optical superposition (heterodyne or coherent detection). Depending on the model wind measurements with typical ranges of 7 to 10 km (LiTra S) or 8 to 14 km (LiTra S+) are obtained.


Advantages of the LiTra S/S+

  • Compact and modular
  • Flexible adjustable parameters
  • Transparent data processing
  • Full access to measured spectra
  • Low-noise data


Data sheet

The corresponding data sheet for the LiTra S/S+ can be found here.


Example measurements


LiTra S Data: 320 ns, 10 kHz, 1 s averaging time, 0.52 ° elevation


LiTra S+ Data: 330 ns, 10 kHz, 1 s averaging time, 0.52 ° elevation


LiTra S+ data: 640 ns, 10 kHz, 1 s averaging time, 0.5 °elevation


If the atmosphere has the right conditions, valid data points are obtained for almost the complete measurement range.

You can find further sample measurements of our LiTra S here.


Live Demonstration

If you are interested, Abacus also offers live demonstrations of the LiTra S. Please contact us and outline your request. We will then contact you promptly with appropriate appointment proposals for a digital real-time measurement on the device. This gives you the opportunity to experience the LiTra S in use, and at the same time we can respond to your questions in a targeted manner.