Customised Products

Customised Products

Abacus Laser is able to offer flexible adaptations to our units and fulfil customer-specific wishes.

This can involve, among other things, variations of the LiTra S, or completely new technologies.



A current example is the custom-made unit for the Max Planck Institute for Meterology in Hamburg:

The custom-built device has a large overlap with the LiTra S in terms of performance and hardware. The significant difference is that the telescope and part of the fibre optics are spatially separated (up to 5m) from the electronics. The special design achieves:

  • weight reduction of the fibre optic part as well as the telescope compared to the standard housing,
  • less space required for telescope and fibre optic box, and
  • more flexibility for integration into existing systems.


Don’t hesitate to contact us with your customisation requests, special designs or novel product wishes.

Contact us at an early stage and we will design a concept.

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