Laser Development

Abacus Laser specialises in the development of tailored customer-specific solutions in the areas of laser, optical remote sensing and optical measuring technology.

Laser Development

Abacus Laser makes innovative and unusual laser systems possible that you can’t get anywhere else.

We have expert knowledge and years of experience with solid-state lasers and fibre lasers with pulse durations longer than 10 ps to cw. We will be delighted to advise you on what is currently feasible. No matter if:

  • Unusual wavelengths with novel amplifier materials, especially erbium, thulium and holmium-doped materials,
  • High power and high pulse energies in modern laser concepts, e.g. with slab or rod geometries,
  • Single mode and single frequency,
  • Laser simulation,
  • Compact and cost-efficient setups.

We are also well-networked in the laser world and are familiar with the global state of the art and the appropriate suppliers.

Contact us at an early stage and we will develop a concept together with you.

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