Team Introduction

This is who we are:

Our team stands not only for innovative laser technology, but also for a corporate culture in which good interpersonal relationships and authentic collaboration form the foundation for higher productivity and outstanding work results.

We use the concepts of non-violent communication based on Marshall Rosenberg and Reinventing Organizations after Frederic Laloux for this purpose.

What distinguishes us from traditional teams:

  • We make decisions with all team members, not only the manager says what is done.
  • Training in different disciplines is supported.
  • Resistance from individuals is noted, listened to and addressed.
  • This means that there is plenty of room for individual staff members to contribute and work on their ideas.

How we work as a team:

  • Weekly meetings,
  • Regular team coaching sessions,
  • Conflicts are addressed and various methods of clarification are practised,
  • Open exchange about work topics and especially our values.


Trip to Bismarkturm Goettingen, December 2022